Unveiling the truth behind the most popular myths and misconceptions about Bay Ridge Invisalign

Although invisalign is an immensely popular dental treatment, many people are not fully aware of the true benefits involved with it. This procedure is relatively a new technology and there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding about this dental treatment. These myths and misconceptions mislead people in many ways and they end up taking wrong decisions. Here are the most popular myths about Bay Ridge invisalign and this article is unveiling the truth behind these myths and misconceptions.

Many people in Bay Ridge believe that the benefits of invisalign can only be confined to cosmetic purposes. It can be described as a wrong perception and this procedure offers much more than cosmetic benefits. Overcrowding or extreme space makes a negative impact on the appearance of a person and the corrective procedures definitely improve the smile of a person. At the same time; these types of problems makes the processes of brushing and flossing extremely difficult and consequently, it makes a negative impact on the oral health. When the food particles get stuck between the teeth, germ build up occurs in a fast manner and people may have deal with tooth decay, bad odor and many other related dental hygiene issues. When people take the required steps to straighten the teeth with the help of Bay Ridge invisalign, these complications can be averted and the oral health improves considerably. So, the benefits of invisalign can never be confined to cosmetic purposes alone.

Another popular myth is that invisalign addresses only minor dental issues. This is a wrong perception because this procedure can be used to address even complicated dental problems as well. For example; latest advancement known as ‘Precision Cuts’ allows the aligners to work with elastics to solve complicated overbite and under-bite issues. See drfinetouch.com for more information on that front. It can be said without any hesitation that this procedure offers solutions to wide range of minor as well severe dental problems with utmost efficiency. Another misconception that people often talk about is that this procedure is highly expensive and common people cannot afford the cost involved with this treatment. The fact of the matter is that the cost of invisalign treatment in Bay Ridge is a bit higher compared to traditional braces but the long term benefits of this treatment clearly outweigh the cost. Nobody can argue that this procedure is highly expensive.

A good number of people still believe that they have to wear these aligners for a very long time to straighten their teeth. It is a fact that traditional braces need a longer period of time to deliver results but invisalign offers excellent results within a short period of time. People will be able to see noticeable changes within a few weeks and this procedure does not interfere with the daily routine and other related activities. After two weeks, the orthodontist replaces the old aligners with new ones and it is being done to make the corrective procedure fast and accurate as well. These aligners are extremely comfortable to wear because they are made of using smooth and flexible plastic and the expected results can be achieved much faster than the traditional braces.